Looking for a new roof
for your BUSINESS?

The Last Roof Your Business Will Need!

Roof Pros Plus metal roof is designed and manufactured in Ontario. This industry leading Metal Roof is engineered to be the last roof your home will need! We have developed customer service and warranty programs that are among the best in the industry.


Low weight

Ideal for aging structures and multiple, steep rooflines, our products offer a low-weight roofing solution.



Unique solutions to eliminate dangerous moisture build-up and increase comfort come with the proper installation of a quality metal roofing system.


Hail Resistant

A Roof Pros Plus metal roof protects the integrity of your structures.


Wind resistant

Concealed fasteners and interlocking roofing panels deliver superior resistance to wind and damage.


Fire Safety

Metal roofs prevent the spread of fire across a building, and resist collapse in the event of a fire.



With a variety of styles and colours available, a Roof Pros Plus roof can help restore the original beauty of your buildings, while adding protection.


Curb Appeal

Help enhance the hospitality and curb appeal of your facilities with beautiful colours and styles…for any type of architecture.

Recent Projects

Why compromise beauty for function when you can have it all? At Roof Pros Plus, our metal roofs come in a variety of styles and colors so that you can enhance the curb appeal of your building while ensuring a lifetime of high-performance protection. Browse some of our recent work below, or contact us here to get a quote!